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Meet The Breadlady

The Breadlady is family-owned and operated. We have been presenting our program in the Edmonton area since 2005, and have worked in more than 75 schools and day cares.  We cannot wait to come to yours next! 

Moms Breadlady Picture.jpg

Meet the owner and creator of our wonderful program, Jan Oviatt.  A mother of 9, she has always kept busy feeding them her delicious fresh baked goods. She has been baking bread for over 40 years! Her home is always full of people she loves; friends and family alike, especially when her fresh bread is baking!


Janine Fisher has worked in kitchens and classrooms all her life; as a Caterer, Tearoom Operator, Educational Assistant, and Mother of three. She taught her own children to bake, and absolutely loves being a Breadlady teaching those same skills to so many wonderful students.

Rachael Spencer is the newest member of The Breadlady family. She has 5 boys and loves to spend time with them. They are an active family and love a variety of activities, especially if they are outdoors. Rachael keeps busy teaching her boys everything she knows from Violin to Pickle Ball. She loves to bake and eat bread and is excited to share that love with all of you!

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