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Testimonials & Reviews

"I wanted to tell you how much my son loved your presentation at his school. He now wants to start making bread at home."

                                                                      -Angela, parent, RDPS

"The kids had so much fun with you. Thank You! The presentation is very well organized, engaging, fun, and educational. It covers many areas of the curriculum including Language Arts, Social Studies, and Health. The children are involved in the learning process through discussion, hands-on materials, and activity centres.

                                                                -Ron, teacher, Grade 1/2 EPSB

"We have used The Bread Lady program for several years. Our city kindergarten children are fascinated by stories and pictures of farm life. Eating their hard work, just like The Little Red Hen, is a happy treat!"

                                                                                   -Clarice, teacher, EPSB

"Today I volunteered in my child's kindergarten class when the 'Bread Lady' was to visit. Mrs. Oviatt made learning about wheat fun, and not only for the kids! Even I learned a thing or two! I loved that she allowed each child to assist her in some way during her presentation, whether it was holding a prop, or being a farmer, the rain or the wind! And I know the children enjoyed the interactive stations, tasting "farmers gum", and sifting the flour, etc. And the bread...OH MY! So delicious! It was a fun and tasty morning.

                                                                                                                 -Tracey, parent, EIPS

"We enjoyed Jan's presentation and, of course, the ending was THE BEST! Fresh slices of homemade bread with dollops of soft butter. Jan does a lovely job of showing the children the grains that go into breads and cereals and allows them to have lots of hands-on fun, grinding the grain, sifting the flour, shaking the butter up, and feeling the difference between the flour and the bran. The story, Cookadoodle-Doo, was a delight and bringing their own bread home that day was very exciting for them!"

                                                                                                                       -Violet, teacher, EIPS

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